Fatherhood Curriculum and Prevention Program

The Health and Social Research Connection  partners with governmental, judicial, educational, and correctional agencies as well as hospital and psychomedical providers to develop and  implement The Male Responsibility and Prevention Program (MRPP):  Taking Back our Youth.  MRPP  emphasizes individual responsibility for fatherhood and teen pregnancy utilizing a systematic approach that attempts to be culturally consistent and understandable to male teens of all ages, races, and backgrounds.   


MRPP will conduct workshops to instruct teachers/trainers  in the use of the copyrighted MRPP materials.  The exclusive curriculum training manual, teen workbook, tools, and CD  will be customized for juvenile agencies or providers with special needs to ensure that they contain current, relevant and appealing information for their target audiences.   Updates will be available at least every other year to accurately reflect current research and cultural/historical trends as well as best practices and opportunities for improvement.


Please contact info@fatherhoodcurriculum.com for further information about our program.
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